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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Little Lark Newborn Photography?  Wow, this is a loaded question.  First of all I really want you to look at my work.  Is my fresh style (with creamy whites, natural skin tones and the occasional pop of color) what you are looking for?  Do you want and value someone who specifically specializes in newborns and new families?  Do you value a calm atmosphere?  If your answer is yes to those questions then we would probably be a good fit and I would be honored to capture these precious times for you.  If you are looking for something else please let me know and I can help you find a photographer that really meets your family’s needs.

Do you have props?  Yes, we have a studio full of small props (hats, wraps, headbands, outfits etc.) and large props (baskets, blankets, buckets, bowls, etc.)  The only type of prop that we typically don’t have readily available are themed pieces (such as items representing different sports teams, characters, books, animals, occupations, etc.)  If you have a specific theme in mind please let us know as soon as possible so we can best plan for your session

How many pictures will I be able to view?  Because each baby is different, it is really had to determine beforehand.  Each session type has a minimum number of images (10 for mini sessions, 20 for full sessions) but I can typically get many more if the baby is cooperative.  I believe the average I get is 12-15 for a mini session and 30-40 for a full session.  Please note that the viewable images are not files that are included with the session fee.  If you would like files they must be purchased separately.

Are files available?  Yes, of course.  I was finding that many of my past clients were not printing their images or archiving files appropriately and within a few years they were lost, so I strongly encourage you to print your files as soon as possible.  I keep files of edited images on file for 1 year after the session date.  If they need to be accessed after this point they are not guaranteed but may be available.

Can you come to our home, we are concerned about getting out so soon after baby is born? First let me wholeheartedly assure you that we would never want to make you uncomfortable, which is why the studio is specifically designed with new families in mind.  It is set up more like a family room, so you can sit in comfort and watch as your baby’s first professional images are taken.  At the Sonoma County studio we have everything we need to create the perfectly posed, squishy, newborn images.  We have access to my professional lighting, correct temperature and many blankets, wraps, hats, backgrounds and props, which are not designed to travel. However, if you prefer we can come to your home for a lifestyle session anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area.   In a lifestyle session we focus on your new life with baby, rather than perfectly posed newborn images.  Such as images of mom rocking baby in the nursery or dad tickling baby’s toes in the family room.  There are typically more images 25-40+ and they are minimally processed.  Another option is having a lifestyle Welcome Baby (previously called Fresh 48) session.  This session takes place within 48 hours of the baby’s birth, usually at the hospital.  It captures those first moments with baby, meeting grandma/grandpa (or older siblings), tiny wrinkled toes and other details that are only there in that short amount of time.

Do we live too far away? We have had clients travel from 90+ miles away with no issues.  It is not as easy to keep baby awake during travel but it is possible.  Or if you are traveling from around the San Francisco Bay Area we suggest arriving in Sonoma County at least 1-2 hours early.  Maybe even have lunch or visit a park, and arrive to the studio early while keeping baby awake, so he/she is nice and sleepy for the session.  Please make sure you let us know your plans beforehand, so that we can make arrangements accordingly.

When should I reserve a session?  It is best to reserve your session apx. 2-4 months prior to your due date.  We only accept a limited number of sessions per month to make sure I am available for early/late babies that are on my calendar.

How do I reserve a session when we don’t know when baby will be born?  When you reserve a session we put you on the calendar for the week after your due date.  We know that babies rarely come exactly when they are “supposed to” which is why we only take a few bookings per week.  That way we can always make accommodations for early or late babies.

Once the baby is born how do we set up the session? We ask that you contact us within 72 hours so that we can set a session date/time that works for all of us within the ideal timeframe.

How old is the baby for the session? Our “sweet spot” is 8-12 days.  We have done sessions as old as 4+weeks or as early as 3 days, but in our experience this age is the best for us.  After the 14 day mark sessions are hit or miss.  Some older newborns will sleep soundly the entire time, while others are awake (and refuse to be posed) the entire time, which is why we try our best to get you in during the ideal timeframe.  We do our best to get you a full gallery of beautiful images regardless of the age of your baby, although an older baby’s gallery may not have many of the squishy, sleepy, posed images.

What if my baby is already born? If your baby has already arrived we might still be able to squeeze you in.  If we are not able to get your baby in the studio before he/she is 2 weeks old we might not get the squishy, sleepy pictures but we can still get some great ones.  Just contact us as soon as possible, so we can try to set up a session for you.

What do I bring to the session, do you have props available? We have so much available.  You are welcome to come see what is available at the studio by scheduling an appointment.  We have a variety of hats, wraps, headbands baskets, props, etc.  We also welcome heirloom items or other props you might want to include, but please let us know prior to the session so that we can best prepare to use them.  We ask that you do limit it to one or two items.

Can we get some family pictures? Yes, of course!  I am more than happy to try at least one or two family poses, although sometimes older siblings don’t want to cooperate which might take time away from poses of the baby alone.  We may have to do a more lifestyle approach where the focus of the image is the interactions between your family rather than having everyone looking at the camera and smiling, if we have less than cooperative family members.

How long does it take to get pictures after the session? Our usual turn around time is 10-20 business days, but it can vary depending on the season.

Do you ever give out unedited images? No, I don’t, and even if I did they could not be viewed without specific software processing.  Simply put, I take great pride in my work.  My editing is just as important to me as the actual photography.  It allows me to add more of my specific style to the images (in lighting, color, tone and composition).  If a photo has my professional name/reputation attached to it, I want it to be the best of my work.  So I do not give out unedited photos.

What qualifies Heather to be a “newborn photographer” as opposed to a general family portrait photographer? Experience and education specifically with newborns.  Growing up as the second oldest of 7 children I have been around babies my whole life.  After 4 years of being a general family photographer, I took a year off to specifically study newborn photography.  After much research, I found some of the best photographers around the nation and invested in learning from them in person, as well as joining several communities where I have constant access to their knowledge.  Learning how to safely do newborn poses, proper techniques and even session flow, allows me to give you the best images possible in the short time we have together.  Having these connections to some of the top names in the business is what keeps my art fresh and ever-growing in skill and experience.  Also being one of the only studios in the North San Francisco Bay Area that specifically focuses on newborns, I get more practice and experience in this area than others who do not have this focus.

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